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A note from Steven Salm, President & CEO

Chase Hospitality Group opened in 2013 with an unwavering commitment to sustainability and a mission to positively leverage our business to make an impact on our communities, society, and environment. 

We are agents of change and each decision we make is a symbol of our dedication. We challenge the status quo in a way that considers the world as we know it, as well as envisions a better future. This commitment extends beyond our food and beverage offering, into restaurant and product design, employee engagement, meaningful partnerships and more. As an organization, we achieve our sustainability goals aligned with three pillars - community, sourcing, and environment. And we make no compromises. 


The future of hospitality relies on our people.

Training and development is an important value at CHG and one of the many ways we promote sustainability - to ensure the longevity of our team in a happy, healthy, productive work environment. We put training policies and programs in place to encourage our team to be leaders and develop them within the company to achieve their greater career goals. The success of our business is attributed entirely to the success of our team and we put them first in everything we do. We aim to breed champions across all departments including but not limited to culinary, operations, marketing, and creative. 

The CHG team thrives on the company’s community involvement. We regularly organize community volunteer initiatives, from food sorting for schools and shelters to food drives, clothing drives, beach clean-ups, and more. 

We invest our efforts in educating our local communities on the importance of environmentally-conscious practices.


Many of our restaurants update menus seasonally to reflect seasonal and local produce to reduce the impact of long-haul transport. 

In climates that allow for it such as Miami, we operate a rooftop garden at the restaurant, which supplies many of the fresh fruits and vegetables used in our menu offerings.

As an Ocean Wise partner, we ensure the fish and seafood served in our non-plant-based restaurants is ocean-friendly. 

In our restaurants that do serve meat and animal products, our team ensures ethical standards by purchasing from specialized vendors. 

We ensure all of our produce and supplies are delivered in reusable containers to reduce waste.


Across all CHG restaurants, menus are (at minimum) 25% plant-based. Not only does this provide our guests with vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, but also reduces negative environmental impacts. 

We are shifting our focus to expand our 100% plant-based concept, PLANTA, as we believe this is the future of dining and conscious consumption. 

We offer to-go packaging constructed from 100% compostable materials. 

We strive to operate in a paperless and reduced waste environment at our head office, eliminating paper cheques, printed materials, and one-time-use water bottles and coffee cups. 

Nothing brings me more joy than working together with our team and our community to further develop our initiatives. I encourage an open dialogue and welcome you to reach out to me directly with suggestions on how to continue to make a difference. Our practices are ever-evolving as we strive to pave the way towards a more sustainable future.